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At 911gear.ca we believe your duty belt is one of the most important pieces of equipment you put on daily. It is the tool that carries all of the other tools that help you communicate, restrain, administer first aid and ultimately defend yourself and survive. Its one tool you cannot afford to have malfunction.

  There are various ways duty belts can be worn. Your outer belt can be worn by itself or can be worn over an inner belt with belt keepers to keep your belts from being taken off of you. There is no right way. The inner and outer belt with keepers is the most secure way to wear your belt. Outer belts can run you anywhere from $24.99 to over $30.00. Inner belts cost you around $15.00 and a set of duty belt keepers can cost you around $10.00. At 911gear.ca we have created duty belt combo's to help you save money. We carry the following combo's exclusive to 911gear.ca. Other Law Enforcement Supply companies have caught onto this and have started to offer “Combo’s”. We started this first. We offer individual belts, 1.5” inner belts, 2" outer belts and various duty belt keepers from snap keepers, to velcro keepers and our own tactical keepers that have both velcro and snaps.


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