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The Folger Adams key iis used in prisons and jails across the worlds. Its become a symbol of the hard work thousands of men and woman put into the Corrections system 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Its a thankless job that is often ignored, misunderstood and highly criticized.We’ve created a zipper pull to symbolize the hard work these Officers put in everyday the pull is a zinc alloy casting with no enamel, 1.25 inches in length, 2mm thick, plated with an antique gold like coating. It includes a J hook to attach to your zipper. The J hook can be removed and the key can put on a chain and worn as a pendant on a chain. Zinc alloy die casting no enamel Size: 1.25"* 2mm Thickness Plating: antique Gold Attachment:J-hook packing: Poly bag individually packed

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