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S.W.A.T Duty Boots

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Original SWAT boots are made to meet the demands of tough professionals like, Policing, Corrections, Law Enforcement Security and the Military.  A “Last” is the molded foot form in which a boot is designed.  The last determines the available space inside the boot and contributes significantly to the fit and comfort of the boot.  All Original S.W.A.T.® footwear is made on the same boot last. Each company uses its own last and therefore, all boots fit differently. Our last was developed using the most modern computer-aided-design technology. This modern approach has enabled us to most accurately reflect the needs of today’s end user. Some products that are offered by older, more traditional manufacturers are using lasts that have not changed since the 1940?s. Since that time, the weight and foot shape of the average person has changed significantly. To provide the correct level of comfort and support, the last needs to be of a modern shape and design. 

Outsole performance is not overlooked at Original S.W.A.T.® We designed and engineered outsoles that provide outstanding traction and durability. Our newest models in the Chase series may have the highest performing outsole compound for their price in the market.  

In a standing position, 50% of our weight is on the heel; this is increased by a factor of 3 or 4 when walking or running. Shock absorbing materials can therefore play a big part in preventing fatigue and injury. There are several types of materials that can be used for shock absorption. We currently use two types, compression molded EVA and air. Compression Molded EVA is an inch of closed cell foam-injected under pressure. This by far is the most durable and effective material that we use for shock absorption. It does not hold memory and gives the wearer total foot support. This cushioning system is used in many different black boots as well as athletic shoes. 

Functionally, the lacing system provides the last step in ensuring the foot is correctly seated and stable. Flat laces are not quite as convenient as round, but are far superior in regard to performance – particularly slippage. “Speed lace” metal hardware is most useful in the top 4 or 5 eyelets, after the bottom eyelets have been cinched in place using a “locking” eyelet. 5mm (tooth size) zippers from YKK® more than meet the burst strength requirement, and have good flexibility. The 10mm tooth is less flexible and prone to snapping under pressure.

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