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5th Gen Vehicle Organizer Duty Bag

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5th Gen Vehicle Organizer Duty Bag

The Ultimate Police Bag

It's always an exciting time at when we release a new item. The 5th Gen Vehicle Organizer bag is no exception. We know it's been a short time since we released our 4th Gen bag but this time, we had to make changes. Last December we discovered another company was making their own bags based on our designs. We called the company only to find out that the dealer's price was our retail price. Their retail price was over $150.00 We called them back and said hey that's our design. They were very polite in their response, but they are still selling our bag design. 

We started designing the 5th Gen immediately. We wanted to add extra storage yet keep the bag at the price point that it's affordable. This design took us 8 months, The first design prototype had to be changed. The second design was better and minor adjustments were made. We set out to test three different prototypes. All of them were great but the last one was by far the best.

Our previous bags really didn't have enough space for patches. Sure, you could put on a big patch, but it left very little room for smaller morale patches that are popular. We added more patch space on the top as well as the left side of the bag.

M.O.L.L.E / Patch Area: M.O.L.L.E is a popular request for bags, so we decided to add more of it. We moved the large zipper pocket on the top of the bag and replaced it with two lines of M.O.L.L.E loops on both the top right and top left of the lid. We put soft velcro on the tops of the M.O.L.L.E strips to allow larger patches to be used. We added additional soft velcro to the left side pocket of the bag and added two more lines of M.O.L.L.E on the pocket. The left side pocket is spacious and has a double zipper opening at the top and a second large pocket within a pocket.

Front of the Bag: I have always wanted to change the bag front. For some reason, we were stuck on the same design that all the other manufacturers had. The three-pocket design that in hindsight is useless. We took the pocket from the lid of the 4th generation and the mesh pocket from the inside lid and put them on the front of the bag and added more M.O.L.L.E. As you will see both pockets are now much larger giving you the end-user more needed space.

Keep It the Same: There are some things that shouldn't change. So... We kept the MOLLE on the right side and the rear of the bag. Both areas are the biggest selling point for our bags. We decided not to mess with them. We kept the headrest strap and the rubber feet on the bottom of the bag to protect it.

Inside Lid:   The inside lid of the 5th Gen bag had a couple of pockets and pen slots. The velcro pocket has a small slit at the bottom for a charge cord to be inserted. The feedback we received was too many slots. So we decided to keep the pockets and tone down the pen slots. We kept the headrest straps to keep the lid open while driving. The zipper pocket inside the lid at the top was also kept. The feedback on that pocket was it was a very useful pocket. 

Construction: We know how important support within the bag is for quality. We had added polymer inserts for strength in front, rear, sides, and lid. The main zippers on the bag are YKK zippers. YKK zippers are known for their durability. We also use YKK swivels on our suspenders because we know good gear should last. 

Construction / Materials

  • 1000 denier water & tear resistant fabric.
  • Thick poly propylene.
  • YKK original zipper lasts long
  • Long lasting velcro
  • High density polyurethane plastic inserts which offer maximum support 
  • Strong rubber foot pads on bottom of bag
  • Heavyweight side buckles
  • Double stitched 
  • Bartek stitched for Molle

Specifications: (Measurements Approx)

  • Outer Bag Dimensions: 17" long x 12" high x 9" wide. (Approx 30 Litres)
  • Inner Bag Dimensions 17" long x 10" wide x 10" tall (to zipper).
  • Lid: 16.5" long x 9.5" wide with double zipper closure.
  • Two Left Side Pockets: 10" x 8.5 x 1" deep and 9.5" x 8" x .75".
  • Right M.O.L.L.E Pocket: 8" wide x 8.5 tall". 
  • Rear: 17" long x 10" high M.O.L.L.E.
  • Hand Straps with velcro joiner.
  • Shoulder strap with rubber shoulder pad.
  • Three Dividers inside the bag (1 for length and 2 for width)



  1.  Loosen shoulder strap to its longest point.
  2.  Undo the shoulder strap on the left side.
  3.  Run shoulder strap from the right side of the bag behind the seat to the left side.
  4.  Buckle left side strap into left side buckle.
  5.  Tighten shoulder strap around the seat.
  6. Bag should be zipped closed while the vehicle is in motion
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