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Baton Accessories


At we sell a variety of batons holders to allow you to carry the batons on your belt. They are made of a high quality durable plastic and rotate. They allow you to draw your baton quickly as well as holster it quickly. We sell ASP baton holders as well as our own baton holders made of nylon for batons measuring 16", 21" and 26". We carry two types of ASP holder the ASP swivel holder and teh ASP Federal Scabbards. Two baton holders we at believe are worth the money. 

ASP Side Break Scabbard 16" - ASP Side Break Scabbard 21" - ASP Side Break Scabbard 26" 

ASP Federal Scabbard - Slide 16" -  ASP Federal Scabbard - Slide 21" - ASP Federal Scabbard - Slide 26" 


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