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At our goal is to not only to provide you with really good gear at amazing prices its also to inform. There are a lot of different things you need to know about duty gear before you put it on your belt, in your pocket on wear it on your body. is owned by active Law Enforcement Officers. What I mean by active is we work fulltime in Law Enforcement. Together we have over 40 years of Law Enforcement and Security experience behind us. Not only do we know about gear WE WEAR IT.

A long time ago we decided that it really isn't enough to throw some products and pictures up on a page and sell them. The customer needed to experience the item. There is nothing worse than buying something getting it home and its not what you want or need. So we put up our blog and put together our youtube channel. The links are here and our youtube

Our Blog brings you product knowledge on things like, body armor why some is more expensive than others, How to see if the body armor your purchasing has been approved by the NIJ. What is the NIJ ? How do you choose a good tactical light.

Our Youtube page gives you a visual hands on demonstration of our products, how to work them, how you use them. Different things that can be done with them and shows comparisons of the different products.


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