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  • Tactical Suspenders

    Our 4th generation suspenders are here. Every generation of our products is improved from the previous generation. The 4th Gen Tactical Suspenders are no exception. Your duty belt can weigh 20 pounds plus. Over time that weight can cause back and hip problems. A good solution is a pair ...
  • Smith and Wesson Handcuffs

    At 911 we carry Smith and Wesson Handcuffs. Smith & Wesson Handcuffs are fabricated from the finest quality carbon or stainless steel. They are made with heat treated internal lock works, featuring smooth ratchets for swift cuffing and double locks to prevent tampering. From the original Model 100 series handcuffs ...
  • QuiqliteX Blue / White

    Quiqlite Hands free tactical LED light, concealed, low profile, light weight and easy to use. Simply attach QuiqLite LED to your uniform shirt pocket or tactical vest, and with the push of a button you’re ready to go!
  • How To Wear a Quiqlite on Shirt or MOLLE

    How To Wear Shirt Wearing Instructions REMOVE QuiqClip. Slide the clip off product in a downward motion. Clip QuiqLiteX into the shirt pocket fabric between the main body and shirt pocket clamping slot. Cover top of QuiqLiteX with pocket lapel. MOLLE Wearing Instructions REMOVE QuiqClip. Slide the clip off product ...
  • QUIQLITE X Red / White

        QuiqLiteX High Power Red/White LED is USB rechargeable and provides from 20 up to 75 Lumens of light on demand. The first push of the On/Off button will activate the Red LED at 20 Lumens. The 2nd push of the button will activate the White LED at 20 Lumens, designed for normal ...

5 Item(s)

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