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Tacbull tactical gear has arrived at The MOLLE flashlight and duty belt flashlight holders are both designed to securely hold a flashlight, making it easily accessible during duty. The MOLLE handcuff holder and open top duty belt handcuff holder are designed to hold handcuffs securely. The MOLLE handcuff holder keeps your handcuffs on your vest for quick and easy access and the open top design allowing for quick access in emergencies. The duty belt glove holder is useful for holding two pairs of nitrile gloves, which is important personal safety. The silent key holder is designed to hold keys necessary on duty. The silent key holder is perfect for carrying handcuff keys. Overall, these tools can help law enforcement professionals stay organized and prepared while on duty, allowing for quick and efficient access to important equipment when needed. It's important to make sure that all equipment is properly secured and fits well to ensure optimal performance and safety while in the field.

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