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Top Five "Kit 4 Duty" - Real Cops Reel Life - Youtube channel

Real Life Reel Cops - YouTube Channel Description
Hey, my name is Steven, and I've created "Real Cops Reel Life" as a resource to all first responders and those aspiring to become one! This is a CALLING not "just" a job!

This channel is dedicated to those that serve, or aspiring to serve in a first responder type of lifestyle.
I will be sharing content that is full of thoughts, idea's, solutions, challenges, and so much more in this service industry.
We are real cops serving in Canada on a Federal level. Providing service to remote areas of our beautiful country.
This is the GRASS ROOTS where it all started from, and I'd like to personally welcome you to come along on this journey with us.
"Always... Always... check your surroundings!"

P.O. Box coming soon!!!

Video Content
In this video, I offer my two cents on the most important pieces of kit to consider when you're about to hit the road following graduation. Comment in the comment section with items YOU feel are VERY important to have for hitting the road fresh out of training.

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