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Introducing our new Low Profile Shoulder Pads. These shoulders pads are thin and easier to open and close than our standard shoulder pads. Limited number for introduction. Pictures below.

Our 4th generation suspenders are here.

Every generation of our products is improved from the previous generation. The 4th Gen Tactical Suspenders are no exception.

Your duty belt can weigh 20 pounds plus. Over time that weight can cause back and hip problems. A good solution is a pair of duty belt suspenders.  Suspenders are effective because they distribute the weight of the belt and contents over the shoulders and chest instead of just the waist. Suspenders mean you don't have to wear your belt as tight with suspenders reducing pressure on waist, hips, and stomach. Suspenders can be worn under body armour making them more attractive.


Low Profile Shoulder Pads: We have upgraded our suspender shoulder pads. Our shoulder pads are a low prfile pad with a single strip of velcro. One strip of velcro allows easy on and easy off. New in 2022.

Swivel: We’ve added plastic YKK clips to attach the suspenders to the belt keepers. YKK is best known for their high-quality zippers. When we found out they made snap-hooks, we knew we had to have them on our suspenders. The hook is thicker, stronger and much more durable. On past generations, the snap-hook only rotated. They relied on the loop for it to swivel. The YKK SnapHooks not only rotate but have their own swivels and don’t rely on the loop the suspender material is threaded through. This SnapHook gives the 4th Gen suspenders more movement, make them more comfortable for the user and much more durable.

Support: The back support is a wide four-point support  for comfort and the underside is a mesh material to keep the wearer cooler. UPDATE 11-05-2018 we have added a bit of padding into the support to make our suspenders more comfortable than ever. UPDATE 07-02-2020  We have added a soft velcro strip on the rear of the suspender pad for patches. The strip is approx 6.25" x 2.5".

Straps: We’ve changed the straps to polyester from nylon. Polyester is more heat resistant than nylon adding more comfort for the wearer. The straps are sewn multiple times going into the support for more strength.

Keepers: Our keepers have a solid plastic ring to allow the suspenders to be clipped to them. The keepers have both velcro and snaps to keep them attached to your duty belt. The suspenders can be clipped or unclipped from the keepers easily and the keepers kept on your belt.

Tactical Police Suspenders

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