All About the Best & Quality Duty Belts

All About the Best & Quality Duty Belts

We are, a leading supply store that deals in Canadian Law Enforcements Supplies, Correction Supplies and Security Supplies. Located in Toronto, Ontario we have been delivering to Police, Security, Corrections, Specials Constables and EMS / Paramedics since 2005.

We sell Police supplies and tactical tools through our online store. We are available 24*7 and 365 days a year. We sell Duty Belts, handcuffs, duty pouches, flashlights, duty gloves, Duty boots and many more products that you can see on our website. We have a variety of brands including our own

1. Original SWAT Boots
2. Smith and Wesson
3. Peerless
4. Saunders
6. 911 Tactical Gear

These include our own brands of and 911 Tactical Gear. Our brands include belt pouches, duty belts, flashlights, our famous tactical suspenders and our one of a kind vehicle organizer duty bag.

The Duty Belts and Suspenders

We specialize in providing high quality duty belts and suspenders that are comfortable and help provide the relief needed from carrying all that weight on your lower back. Our duty belts help and pouches help make that shift easier and keeping the items you need safe and close.

We know that these belts and pouches are important to you. Our suspenders are one such tool that you can’t afford to not have. Keeping your back from hurting is important on those long days on shift.

Save Money Buying From us

Our inner and outer belt keepers are reasonably priced. Why pay $30 plus for a duty belt when you can get the same quality for less?. A new outer belt, inner belt and keeper set is ready to purchase on our site

Our belts can cost you around $24.99. Our Inner belts will run you around $15 and if you plan to buy a set of duty belt keepers then it may cost you around $10 which is comparatively lesser than others in the market. However, buy the inner and outer and get your keepers for free.

Another amazing thing is that we do provide duty belt combos in case you are looking for some real savings. For e.g. Security Belt Combo where you get a radio holder for free. You can look for our belt combos when you visit our site at Belt combos are a trend we started years ago and continue to sell. We know there are others who sell cheap sets but they won’t last you as long as ours do. Combos help save you money. A brand name combo will cost you $50-$60. You work hard for your money why spent more than you have to.

All kinds of belts you want

We are offering individual belts like inner belts, Outer Duty Belts and various duty belt keepers like snap keepers, Velcro keepers, and our tactical keepers. We make sure our belts have polymer inserts for the stiffness you need and belt keepers with GOOD quality snap closure for durability.

Your passion is keeping the public safe. Our passion is making your passion that much easier. Visit our website and check out the latest collection today!

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