Best-in-Class Embroidered Patches

Best-in-Class Embroidered Patches

Patches are worn by Law Enforcement, Police, Security, and EMS. They are considered as a piece of flexible material commonly known as cloth badge originated by fabric backing and thread. The patches on a uniform identify you while performing your duty’s. Patches can show your authority or your position. Patches can be used in identifying the member of a group, that an individual has crossed a certain milestone or taken specific training. Embroidered patches or woven patches can be used for forming logos, emblems or can be implemented for various kinds of authorities such as Security Guard Patches, Agency Patches, Thin Line Patches, etc. Morale patches have become popular over the years. They identify groups, sentiments or even opinions ID Bars can show your job, your position or even your name. Law Enforcement and security bars sold in the reflective and non-reflective model.

Embroidered Patches

Another name for embroidered patches is cloth badge which is a piece of embroidery created by using a fabric or thread. The artistic way of producing the embroidered badges was generally done by hand before. An important and effective identification tool can be attached with a pin, sew on or affixed with the modern method. Government organizations including uniforms of specialized workers, supervisors and police officers often wear clothing inscribed with embroidered patches. The cloth badges on the uniform denote their job in a specific position. This light wear patches offer more formal style and traditional as well as classic look.

PVC Patches

Every person has his or her own identity that helps them to express who they are and what they can do for their organization or nation. PVC Patches are a modern alternative to the more common embroidered patch. A uniform that uses PVC patches draws out the best professional look. Along with the long durability, rugged look, shape and color, PVC patches come in an endless collection that can bring a custom design to life with a look and feel. PVC Patches are waterproof and never fades and crack. With a large collection and popular choices, PVC patches give more sharpness and a unique expression. They are easy-to-clean which means you need not work hard for washing them or cleaning them. However, PVC Patches stands out the best from the rest. You can place an order almost in any size or shape.


Shoulder Epaulettes with formal uniform usually the Security Guards, Police officers, Supervisors are an honor and imply their job with an important duty. Epaulettes can be done with badge numbers and agency they represent. The shoulder epaulett is embroidered with a Canadian Flag at the top. Right below this, embroidery is designed for the security guards, police and supervisors. The main purpose of epaulettes is to represent the roles and responsibilities they carry and even indicate their rank.


Patches, in general, tend to reflect your identity amongst the crowd and in addition to this, they can be added on the dress, backing patches, shoulders, bags, and even caps. It helps police, security guards and law enforcement to highlight the badge numbers and interventions they belong to.

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