How to Buy the Best TurtleSkin Tactical Gloves

How to Buy the Best TurtleSkin Tactical Gloves

TurtleSkin gloves are duty gloves used by the police, corrections, security, hostel workers, EMT and military officers to protect them from cut, puncture, and abrasions. These are the latest development in the field of gloves safety. They are lightweight and comfortable and available in all sizes. They are the best tactical gloves available at 911gear and affordable. These TurtleSkin Gloves have the strength to protect officers from cuts and punctures.

How TurtleSkin Gloves work?

These gloves have excellent dexterity and sensitivity of touch. TurtleSkin is a patented fabric woven with high strength fibers. They are protective yet functional. The patented weave protects against cuts and punctures.

They are the most economical and cost-effective solution for your protection and comfort. They supply that piece of mind while your busy performing the job you are tasked with.

Accurate Fittings of the Gloves

These gloves are available in sizes from small to large. They are built to match the needs of a diverse workforce. At 911gear you can follow the size chart provided on the website and determine your glove size and ensure comfort.

Be sure to use the longest finger length or your hand width measurement to find the best TurtleSkin gloves for yourself. If you visit our website, you will learn to measure for a good fit.

TurtleSkin Gloves Available at

There are a number of TurtleSkin Gloves to choose from, TurtleSkin Alpha Gloves, TurtleSkin Bravo Gloves, TurtleSkin Alpha Plus Gloves & TurtleSkin Delta Gloves. These gloves are available in all the shapes, sizes and although some provide the same protection there are others that provide more protection.

These are puncture Resistant Gloves that also protect you from cuts and slashes. These can all be seen on the website.

Here are some specifications that come with these TurtleSkin Gloves that come along like:

1. Grip pads to assist in the search
2. High-stretch knit packing for a snug fit
3. Slash resistant knit on the back of the hand
4. Hypodermic needle & cut-resistant palm & fingertips
5. Areas of protection
6. 100 % leather shell or material

When you are looking for a tactical glove then TurtleSkin is the best one and you can buy these and are available for immediate order from 911gear. We are Canada’s leading online store that has been selling many products for Canada Law Enforcement Supplies, Corrections Supply & Security Supply.

We have highlighted all the important points to look before you buy a tactical glove and why TurtleSkin is the most suitable out of all. Buy them today from our website and stay protected while at duty.

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