Reasons Why an LED Tactical Flashlight is Better than a Regular Flashlight

Reasons Why an LED Tactical Flashlight is Better than a Regular Flashlight

Flashlights are One of those things we should all be carrying. Regular flashlights help us light up small areas like a door lock when we need to get a key in or shine light under your patrol car after you have dropped your pen. That is what the regular flashlights are for – but what about the tactical flashlights? A tactical flashlight gives us what we need to illuminate, cars on traffic stops, look for evidence at night or light up an area to do what we need to do. What is the difference between these two? It all boils down to some key points.

And, if you are still using an outdated flashlight, then you are missing out on the features packed into a bright LED tactical light. The features of a tactical flashlight include a dramatic increase in brightness as well as, other valuable features, like, a zoom focus function and different light modes. Below discussed are some reasons why you need an LED flashlight as there has been a great deal of progress made in flashlight technology.

Reliability: Regular flashlights are manufactured from cheap materials, for example, plastic, poor quality steel, cheap aluminum, and similar elements. It's no big surprise that they frequently fail after just a couple of months of use and must be replaced, as their build quality isn't something to brag about. The tactical flashlights, then again, are generally fabricated with much better materials, for example, the airplane grade aluminum and are coated with special substances that make them resistant to scratches.

This sort of build quality makes the tactical lights water safe, climate safe, corrosion safe, and shock resistant, making them very solid and strong. Furthermore, even with these capacities, they are still lightweight and easy to carry around. They do not need to be replaced every few months and can serve you for a considerable length of time which is probably the greatest advantage.

Utility: The main thing that the regular flashlight can assist you with is to light up a small dark area. The tactical lights, are considerably much more – their serrated edge design and the high-grade aluminum build can help in many different situations. They can be used for things like breaking glass or car windows.

The light itself is a lot stronger and lights up larger areas than ordinary lights. In contrast to regular lights, which pack around 100 lumens, the tactical ones will present to you the intensity of at least 200 – 1500 lumens, possibly giving you the visibility of an area as large as a football field. That can be helpful if, for instance, you are engaged in a search and rescue operation or looking for evidence.


We do not recommend using a flashlight to strike anyone unless you have specific training, or your agency allows it. However, there are situations where you maybe out of options. Consult your training instructors for info. The lights could be used to blind attackers momentarily. Training using flashlights and firearms at the same time is important. Please do not shine into people’s eyes as it can cause eye problems.

Tactical flashlights are substantially more useful than other regular flashlights, since they are considerably more dependable, more heavy duty and have more uses. Unlike the cheap, plastic models, the tactical torches can be used for years, since they are manufactured from better materials and are sufficiently tough to withstand all sorts of drops, impacts, and scratches.

They can give substantially more light and enlighten larger zones, while their serrated bezels can be life-saving in a wide range of circumstances – like being caught in a sinking or burning car or getting attacked by any person or an animal. These tools should be a part of every household, and we don't need to mention how supportive they can be to open adventures. Check out our collection of tactical LED flashlight and get the right one for yourself!

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