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CORTAC | Cooling & Trauma Attenuating Vest

CORTAC | Cooling & Trauma Attenuating Vest

Protecting Lives. Elevating Performance. Assuring Victory.

The Cooling and Trauma Attenuating Vest (CTAV) is the next evolution of specialty equipment for law enforcement and military personnel. The CTAV combines the power of our Advanced Impact Resistance technology (AIR)™ and the science of EverDryTM to significantly improve thermoregulation and blunt trauma protection behind body armor systems. By moderating surface body temperature, the CTAV dramatically enhances the comfort of wearing concealable and tactical body armor, while also decreasing damage and force caused by ballistic blunt trauma. These features give you the added assurance that you will stay in the fight, perform at your highest level and be victorious.

Thermoregulated Microclimate Gives You Comfort Independent lab testing proves a decrease in body armor carrier surface temperature of as much as 9.1 degrees when wearing the CTAV. The dual air-chamber design behind AIR™ is the groundbreaking engineering that creates a thermoregulated microclimate between you and your body armor. The vertical air channels promote convection while vented panels improve heat dissipation, keeping you cooler, comfortable and focused under pressure. EverDryTM Technology Keeps You Comfortably Dry

EverDry is the advanced science behind the CTAV’s unprecedented evaporation and convection performance behind body armor, resulting in unmatched armor comfort. This innovative nanocrystal surface coating immediately draws moisture away from your skin, keeping sweat from staying trapped between you and your armor carrier. Simply put, EverDry keeps you comfortably dry through your shift and through the fight, no matter the temperature outside. Trauma Attenuation Enables You to Finish the Fight The CTAV’s patent-pending design is proven to lessen the impact of ballistic blunt force trauma. In live-fire demonstrations and ballistic lab testing, the CTAV decreased backface signatures by as much as 62%. This significant reduction can be the crucial difference between being knocked out of a pursuit and emerging victorious in the face of danger.

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