4th Generation Duty Bag / Vehicle Organizer NO MOLLE

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How To Secure Bag In Vehicle

  1. Unclip the shoulder strap from one side of the bag.
  2. Wrap the shoulder strap around the seat the bag sits on. 
  3. Clip onto the opposite side of the bag 
  4. Tighten strap around the seat. Tighter is better


The 911gear.ca 4th Gen Organizer Police Duty Bag is here. A duty bag is one of the more important pieces of gear you need. Whether you're moving your gear from home to work, working all day in a cruiser or patrol organizing your gear for storage and quick retrieval is important. The Organizer duty bag is a 911gear.ca original. First developed in 2007 by the owner of 911gear.ca after seeing a local Police Officer walking to his car with a seat organizer and a duty bag. In the conversation that followed the Officer was asked if a duty bag that was an organizer and a duty bag would be easier. The officer said yes and eth Organizer Duty bag was born. Now in its 4th Generation, we know you will like this bag. The high quality and durability at a decent price makes this bag a better alternative to the 5.11 Wingman bag.

The 4th Generation organizer is the second organizer bag design to incorporate two side zipper pockets with velcro pockets added on each side. Under the lid, we added a large zipper pocket with a large inner mesh pocket inside of that pocket. We added dividers to the bag to allow you to customize the bag further. We know you will like this bag.

MEASUREMENTS (Approximate)

  • Outside Measurements 17” L x 10” wide 10” tall (11.5” with lid closed)
  •  Inside 17” x 8” W and 10” deep. 


  • Bag Top pocket 13” x 9” W x expandable 
  • Velcro patch 12.5” x 4” 
  • 1 x Glove Holder 
  • 3 x pen slots 
  • Inside Lid • 16” L x 8” T 
  • Cellphone pocket 5” x 5” 
  • 10 x Slots for pens and or utility items 
  • 1 x Glove holder 
  • 1 x zipper pocket 5” T x 4” W. 
  • 1 x Inside lid pocket approx. 16L x 9” T 
  • 1 x Mesh Pocket (Inside Lid Pocket) 16” x 8” 
  • Headrest Strap (keeps bag lid open in car) 

1 x  Zipper Pocket
1 x Velcro Pocket  

1 x  Zipper Pocket
1 x Velcro Pocket  

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