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911 Rings - SECURITY (Alpha) - Clearance Sizes and Quantites Limited

911 Rings - SECURITY (Alpha) - Clearance Sizes and Quantites Limited X-12 LED Tactical Flashlight

X-12 LED Tactical Flashlight - 300 Lumens

911 Rings - PARAMEDIC (Alpha) - Clearance Sizes and Quantities Limited

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 Clearance - Sizes and Quantities Limited


Tungsten carbide rings are 10 times harder than 18k gold, 5 times harder than steel,4 times harder than titanium. The perfect ring to reflect the tough people who make up our Emergency Services, law Enforcement and the Protection Services occupations.

 911 Rings are made from one of the hardest metals on earth. They are virtually scratch resistant and will withstand the test of time. virtually scratch-resistant will not show the wear that other rings show overtime. We have an optional limlted lifetime warranty you can purchase with the ring.


- Made of Tungsten Carbide with no Cobalt

- Engraved

- Available in Sizes 5-14

Paramedic Rings

Everyday Paramedics are on the front line of human pain and suffering. Each day they spend their shifts dealing with the sick, injured and dying. They are exposed to body fluids, new life and death. They are usually among the first on scene and can encounter anything from a minor cut to a major incident including death. The 911rings Paramedic rings are a good recognition for men and woman who serve us daily and could be the ones to save your life. 


911 Rings - PARAMEDIC

Sizing Instructions: There are many ways to size a ring on the internet. A quick Google search will bring you many different pages on how you should size your finger to figure out your ring size. PLEASE DO NOT measure any of these ways. The best way to size your finger is to get it done professionally. Go to a Jewellery store and have them size your finger. 

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