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Uncle Mikes Law Enforcement

Uncle Mikes law Enforcement is a USA based company specializing in law Enforcement gear to Law Enforcement all over the world. At we carry Uncle Mikes belts, handcuff cases, radio holders, belt keepers, key holders, flashlights holders and more including Uncle Mike's Nylon Belt Keeper (4/pkg) Uncle Mike's Tactical Flashlight Pouch - M.O.L.L.E Compatible Uncle Mikes Duty Surefire 6P/Scorpion/Strion Flashlight Holder Uncle Mikes Open Flap Key Ring Holder Uncle Mikes Standard Key Ring Holder Cordura nylon Uncle Mikes Tactical Large Universal Radio / GPS Pouch w/Flap Uncle Mikes Ultra Duty Belt Uncle Mikes Ultra Inner Belt Uncle Mike’s Double Latex Glove Pouch Uncle Mike’s Universal Radio Holder - Swivel Uncle Mike's Sidekick Open Top Handcuff Case (Clip) UM-8825-1 Uncle Mike's Sidekick Open Top Handcuff Case (Sewn) -UM-7792-1 We carry some uncle mikes pouches and items that are M.O.L.L.E system compatible  

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