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911gear.ca Utility organizer bag has arrived. Its a Police Duty Bag but not really.  Introducing our First Range / Utility Bag. Months ago we were sent this bag as a sample. When faced with the choice of a larger duty bag or a smaller Utility bag, I chose the utility bag. I used it as my to work and home bag. I loved the bag. It’s a mall bag with lots of room. I drew up some changes and what we have is the new 911gear.ca Utility Organizer Bag. Makes a fantastic range bag


  • Two carry handles on the top. 
  •  Adjustable shoulder strap. 
  • Top padded pocket has a double zippered opening. 
  • Each side has a zippered pocket that has a depth of 7 “. 
  • Each side pocket has an inner open pocket that will fit gloves.
  • Each side pocket has an open pocket on the front side of the bag. 
  • Front Pocket has a fold-down organizer with two large mesh pockets, large slot pocket, 3 smaller ...pockets and 5 pen holders. 
  • The rear of the bag has a zipper pocket that zips down a quarter of the way. 
  • inside is zippered mesh pocket with three additional pen slots. 

Measurements (approximate)

  • Bag = 20" Long x 10" high x 8.5" wide .
  • End Pockets Zipper pockets 4" x 10" tall Open 
  • Inside pocket = 6.5" wide x 6" tall Front and back Side end pocket 5" x 4" (approx) . 
  • Middle pocket (Back) Middle backside =  14" 
  • Inside Mesh pocket 11" wide by 8.5" tall . 
  • Organizer pocket (front) and Middle pocket organizer = 13" W x 10" tall 

Inner Organizer pocket

  • 2 x Mesh pockets on outside of inner pocket 6” wide x 7” tall 
  • 3 x open pockets 3.5” x 4” H 
  • 12 x 7” Inside open pocket 
  • 6 x pen slots . 

Top Pocket

  • 6.25 x 4.25 velcro pocket 
  • 11.5” long x 5” wide double zipper open
  •  Inside 6.5 x 12” padded pocket



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