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911 Gear Seatbelt Cutter [HWC-SBK1]

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Product Description

Seatbelt Cutter - Lifesaving tool on your belt. In Policing, Corrections or Emergency Services you know the importance of reliable products. When the time comes the products must be available and work when needed. In Policing and Emergency services car accidents happen everyday. Your response is immediate but sometimes the severity of the wreck can hamper your ability to help to the victims. Our seatbelt cutter comes with a pouch that you are able to keep your duty belt. The ergonomic shape allows for easy handling and the blade slides out with ease. The safety curve of the blade ensures that you cut the seatbelt and nothing else. The seat belt cutter can also be used to cut clothing, belts and shoe laces in the event they need to be cut. The seatbelt cutters also known as 911 Knives have a number of different applications in Corrections. They can be used during searches to cut clothing of an inmate or to cut shoes when looking for contraband. Sometimes inmates tie sheets or clothes together to block entrance to an area by Officers. These can be cut by Officer using the knife to allow access to the area. These knives can be used in the event of a suicide. The curved blades on these knives make them safer to use in a Corrections environment than a regular knife because they are curved and cannot be used as a weapon.

Seat Belt Cutter – 911gear.ca

911 Knife , seatbelt cutter for Corrections, Law Enforcement, Ems and EMT. 911 Gear fold out seat belt cutter. Curved stainless steel blade. Black, rubber handle with thumb release. Nylon pouch included. Price: CND $29.99. belt


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