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COVID 19 Information



Before You Pay Extra for Express or Priority Shipping PLEASE READ THIS 

Canada Post will not guarantee shipping arrival times for any level of shipping at this time. Before you pay extra for express or priority realize that there is no guarantee on delivery times due to Covid and shipping delays associated. When you choose a shipping option on our site, the cost is calculated by Canada Post based on the size of the box your item goes into, insurance coverage and the volumetric weight of the box. We include insurance in the event Canada Post loses your parcel. We then pay Canada Post what you paid us in order to ship the item to you for the level of shipping you chose.

Once Canada Post takes possession of the package the delivery time and date is out of our control. We have ZERO control over that package after Canada Post takes it from us. If that package is lost we will put in a claim for insurance to cover the item. This may take a week or two (possibly longer) to be approved. Canada Post WILL NOT GUARANTEE shipping times, arrivals or arrival days. Even with a date set by Canada Post for delivery the delivery date may change. Please consider this before paying for express or priority.

Envelope Shipping Caution

We have turned envelope shipping back on. Please note before you order, if the envelope is lost the package is not insured against loss. 


Canada Post has issued this statement regarding the Christmas Shoppoing and delays. Due to a combination of Covid 19 and Christmas volumes parcel delivery could be delayed. They are advising to shop early. The link is below.



Canada Post is still experiencing periodic delays. 



Insurance Rates / Lost Parcels / Envelope Rates:  We have stopped the envelope shipping option on our site. We've had a high rate of lost envelopes. When choosing envelope rates the purchaser is advised that the package has no insurance and no guarantees. In the event the package is lost there are no refunds because there are is no insurance.  So although the insurance may seem high, the insurance guarantees you will be reimbursed in the event your parcel is lost.



Shipping Delays: Canada Post article regarding shipping delays.  Canada Post tells why you can expect to wait longer for everything you bought online during COVID-19



Shipping Delays: We are experiencing shipping delays from us to you as well as from our suppliers to us. As well shipping prices are rising. Although this hasn't affected us at the moment BUT it will sooner or later.



Duty Bag Pre-Order: We currently have pre-order specials on our 5th Gen bags. They were ordered Pre-Lockdown and under normal circumstances would of been here 3rd week of March. They are due here on 06-22-2020. We are experiencing shipping delays from us to you as well as from our suppliers to us. This may delay the bags from arriving on 06-22-2020. 



Pricing: Due to Covid 19 costs have increased and our dollar has fallen. Pre Covid 19 our dollar exchange for U.S money was about $1.35. Covide 19 has driven our dollar down to $1.42 against the U.S dollar. This means our costs have increased substantially.  Along with the exchange increase, airlines being shut down due to Covid 19 the cost of shipping has almost doubled.  Increasing our costs further. We don't expect the price increases to hit on our items immediately. They will however increase in the coming weeks as we do have product waiting to be completed, paid for and shipped. While we hope that this increases will lower over time we are unsure as to how long that will take. 



Pre-Order on now for our X-20 Flashlights. Pre-order a light and get a free flashlight holder with it. Quantities are limited. Ordering information is available here X-20 Flashlight Holder Offer



U.S Customers:  There is a delay for some items that go through the Chicago mail sorting facility. Your order maybe delayed because of it.  



  • We now have a daily pick up schedule. 
  • When choosing a faster shipping option on checkout, your order may take longer to deliver than what the chosen option states.
  • Canada Post will not guarantee any delivery time frames due to COVID 19.
  • A look through our shipping history over the last few weeks does show many deliveries within the time frame they normally guarantee. 
  • So please choose quicker shipping options like Exprees and Priority knowing that it may not necessarily be delivered within the guaranteed time frame. 



As of March 24th 2020 at 23:59 hrs, our Provincial government has ordered all non essential business's closed for a period of 14 days. This prevents people from being together in public. We do not have a physical location people can come to as we are strictly online. This means there is no public contact. We will continue to ship our orders but we will be down our one employee. Jason will still be answering phones and processing the elctronic part of the orders while we pick and pack them at night. It makes no sense to expose him by continuing to come in to the office daily. We have scaled our shipping days down to Friday only as we are not always home from work by the time our coirier arrives at 14:30 daily. One day pick up only will allow us a chance to process all orders by the end of the week. As of today we have shipped all orders thats came in before 12:00 noon today. The remaining orders will be processed this week and barring any issues will ship on Friday March 27th. 

We appreciate your business and patience at this time. We will continue to provide service to the front line as you battle your way through this trying time. The world has changed, what we do has not. Please be good to each other, have each others back and BE SAFE

The 911 Gear Team