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FAQ and Important Information Regarding Your Order!

Please Note: We reserve the right to ship using other courier methods other than the one you chose on checkout.

Site Prices are in Canadian Funds. The U.S dollar is usually worth between $1.20 and $1.35 to the Canadian dollar. If purchasing from the U.S your cost is U.S dollars is between 20%-30% less than what is shown.

Please take a moment to verify the information you have provided in your order quantities, sizes, colors. Double check the e-mail address and the shipping address you have provided. Even the slightest error or omission in your shipping address can prevent your package from being delivered successfully and will result in additional shipping charges plus any return shipping costs charged by Canada Post. Please make sure any unit, apartment, suite, and/or buzz number required is included. Incorrect shipping addresses will lead to return and re-shipping charges to the customer.

We are always adding new products to our site. Please check back frequently and join our Facebook or Instagram page. We are committed to providing you with the best selection, lowest prices, and best service possible. If due to technical difficulties the prices noted in your order are incorrect, 911 Gear reserves the right to contact the customer with the proper pricing before shipping.

Site Security: We do not sell your information or email addresses. We will not sign you up for any of our email notifications. You can do that on our main page or after you check out. During your purchase, your credit card info is transmitted to our visa processor using an https connection that uses an SSL certificate. We do not receive any of your visa, MasterCard or any type of payment info. We only receive an email confirmation confirming your card was accepted.  Our site is scanned daily for malware and spam by When entering your personal information into ANY SITE make sure the address line starts with HTTPS: and there is a lock beside it.  

 How long to receive my order ?: There are various factors that can alter that delivery date. If the item is in stock it will normally ship from us within 7-10 business days. Most times quicker as we factor in possible holidays, shipping schedules and weekends in that processing time. If the item is out of stock the item will not ship until we have received it. This will delay that delivery date. Once the item is shipped the package is in custody of the courier and outside of our control. Weather, transportation issues, customs delays etc can alter the delivery date.

There is an error in my order address details. What do I do ?: If you discover any errors please contact us IMMEDIATELY by phone at 1-866-218-5883 or send us an email if after hours. If we have to reship your order due to an entry error on your part additional shipping charges and any fee's or return shipping charges by the courier will be charged to you.

How do I add something to my order ?: If you would like to make any product additions to your order please contact us via email or phone ASAP. We will be happy to assist in adding items to your order if done before Item is shipped.

I want to cancel my order: Please see RETURN / CANCELLATION PAGE

Return & Exchange Requests: Once you have received your package, please STOP and verify the contents inside. If there are any problems with your order please contact us immediately 1-866-218-5883. Please contact us before you initiate the return of any item for any reason. DO NOT return without contacting us first. Any packages returned without contacting us will be refused by us and this will increase the amount of time it takes to solve any issues.

Instructions to Return an Item: Call or email us ASAP.  When you ship the return to us, please ensure that you have sufficient insurance on the package for the value of the item in case it’s lost. Email us the tracking number and once we have it we will contact you for shipping cost to ship the new items to you. In the event of a sizing return, you will be charged shipping fees for the new product to be sent to you. We accept returns on defective items and sizing issues within 10 days of purchase. We will replace the item at our cost. Return shipping to us is the responsibility of the customer. We will ship the replacement at no charge if the item is defective. If the item is a sizing issue for a size that you chose, then you will be responsible for return shipping. We will not ship a new item until the returned item has been received at our office. All returned items must be returned in original packaging and unused in resalable condition.

Return Shipping / Refund on shipping charges: We do not refund shipping charges. Please ensure items returned to us have sufficient insurance. Customers are responsible for return shipping. Please ensure there is sufficient insurance for the value of the item being returned. Lost parcels and cost of items lost are the responsibility of the customer. If insurance was placed on packages by customer returning the items, the shipping company will reimburse you for the lost charges. f you are returning an item you are responsible for shipping to us and the shipping of the replacement item back to you. Please consider a small item may cost more to ship back to us to replace than buy a new one and have it shipped. 

Returned item Condition: All returned items must be returned in original packaging and in good condition. Items that have been worn or abused or without packaging. Any item returned in non-reusable condition will not be accepted and money will not be refunded. Alterations made to clothing such as items sewn on or items removed void the warranty on the items. Please try items on prior to sewing or removing parts of the clothing. All other returns/refunds are subject to a 20% restocking fee minus original shipping costs. Please see our RETURN / CANCELLATION tab on the bottom of the website page. All orders canceled before they have been shipped are also subject to restocking fees. Please see our Return / Cancellation tab on the website.

Are my items all in stock? If you have any questions or would like to guarantee stock status before shipping, please contact us through our contact page or call us toll-free 1-866-218-5883. In the case of a "Stock Shortage", we will contact you with further information. Our stock shortage procedures are posted below.

Payment Options: For online or telephone orders we offer payment by Visa, Mastercard, Interac, Paypal, Cheque or money order. Cheque or Money order orders will not ship until we receive payment, and the payment has cleared the banks holding period. 

Our PAYPAL address: Contact us through our Contact Page

Visa / Mastercard:  When you place your order using a credit card the system verifies that the card number is valid and the appropriate funds are available only then the charge is processed. The next step of verification is to validate the billing information you provided online. Please note the billing information you enter online must match the name and address listed on your credit card statement. This information is used for verification purposes only. If you need to use a different shipping address please call us. 

Defective Merchandise / Warranty: If after removing your products from the packaging you discover there is an item missing, malfunction, faulty workmanship, or damage during delivery please contact us IMMEDIATELY. We will only accept a missing Item or broken product request within 7 days of delivery date. You can call us at 1-866-218-5883 or contact us at 911gear at 

All returns must be accompanied by the products original UNDAMAGED packaging. If packaging is not included or damaged an addtional 20% fee (on top of any restocking fee's if applicable) will be charged. e.g taped boot boxes, labels stuck onto boot boxes from shipping, ripped packaging etc. Alterations made to clothing such as items sewn on or items removed void the warranty on the items. Please try items on prior to sewing or removing parts of the clothing. 

In the event of a warranty issue please call us first. Warranties on all items are provided by the manufacturer. in most cases, details of the manufacturer's warranty are included in the original packaging of your product. In some cases, manufacturers don't include it. If it's not included in or on the packaging, please contact us. Most manufacturers require warranty items to be shipped directly to them. Please contact us if unsure.

Please note manufacturers warranties DO NOT cover wear and tear or misuse/abuse. The manufacturers make the decision on whether the damage is manufacturers defect (covered) or not covered.

We guarantee 911 Tactical Gear products from defects for different periods of time. We do not guarantee against abuse or alterations. We will decide after seeing the item if it is covered under warranty. The shipping for items shipped back to us for warranty will be at the buyer's expense. In the event the item is covered under warranty shipping of the new item will be paid for by the customer.

Please note some manufacturers will request we ship the items back to them. PLEASE CALL US if you have an issue with an item. 

Computer Errors: The internet and internet connections are not always dependable. Sometimes there are glitches in transactions or in payment processing. We reserve the right to cancel orders and refund in the event an error occurs. Double clicking on transactions, simple disconnections or even program glitches can cause errors in transactions. In the event, you feel your error was wrong to contact us and we will investigate. Any errors either by programs, shopping cart issues or by internet connections are not our responsibility. We reserve the right to cancel those transactions and refund you the customer. 

Shipping Information: Please see our shipping page for complete and updated information.

Stock Shortages / Substitutions: Out of stock items / Non Stock items will increase delivery time. Items such as Body Armor may take 8 weeks + before the item ships to you. Boots are not part of the regular stock and may take up to 7 days to ship from us to you. If there is a stock shortage with one or more of your items we will email you.

Out of Stock options:

a) Hold your order until the items are in stock.
b) Create a backorder for the missing item and ship the remaining in stock items. Backorders gshipwithin two weeks at no charge.
c) We will contact you to select an alternative item as a replacement for the out-of-stock item. 
d) We will refund you in full for the out-of-stock item.