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Pick Up / Retail Location: Our online store remains open, but we have closed our retail store as of 07/14/2018.  We no longer offer pick up or in store sales.

Please Note: Although we use Canada Post to ship as our main supplier we do reserve the right to ship using other courier methods


Shipping FAQ

Calculate Shipping Costs: We ship Canada Post Envelope, Expedited, Express or Priority Post. Our shipping charges are calculated automatically on our site using Canada Post software.  Canada Post bases shipping costs on volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is based on the dimensions of the box the item is shipped in, not the actual weight of the item.

Envelope Shipping. Please consider before choosing this. Envelope shipping is inexpensive HOWEVER IT DOES NOT INCLUDE A Tracking Number, Insurance, or a time guarantee. You may save money, but we assume no liability for lost or slow delivery. We are not responsible for lost parcels, and they are not covered in the event they are lost in transit. 

Below are Expedited shipping details from Canada Post's website. 

 Expedited Parcel™ is a cost-effective, ground delivery service for documents and parcels within Canada. Choose Expedited Parcel and automatically get these features: 

Delivery times - Delivery confirmation and the ability to track your items online from start to finish.
Local – 1 day
Regional – 1 up to 7 days
National – 2 up to 10 days 
*Delivery standards are within business days for items sent between most major urban centers and are dependent upon origin and destination. These times do not take into account issues like weather, traffic etc.  All Canada Post services (including without limitation, delivery guarantees) are subject to terms and conditions.


Shipping Information

Shipping Costs are in Canadian Dollars

Canada Post charges are calculated by shipping volumetric weight, not the actual weight. A 3 lb item that fits into a 20"x14"x4" box is calculated as being 9 lbs of volumetric weight, not 3lbs weight and shipping charges are based on a volumetric weight of 9lbs

The easiest way to calculate shipping charges (if you think they are more expensive than they should be in your order) is to click on the link below and do an approximate calculation. Approximate sizes for a shipping package your items will fit into is below. All our packages (except envelope shipping) are automatically insured for full value including shipping. This increases shipping costs slightly. Canada Post will also include a Fuel surcharge in the cost. (In the shipping calculator below, please be sure to add insurance to calculate accurate costs (including taxes) of the item(s) you are ordering. Minimum insurance when shipping by Canada Post is $100.00 regardless of value under $100)

If the charges calculated by the site are higher than calculated using Canada Post's Shipping Calculator in the link above call us at 1-866-218-5883. We can do a manual rate quote for you.  

Shipping Times**: Shipping times are approximate times based on the day they are picked up from us by Canada Post. These times do not consider the time your order is received, processed, and prepared for shipping by us to you. The times below are from Canada Post's website. They are measured in business days. They do not include weekends and holidays and do not take into consideration, weather, time of year or other factors that could affect your delivery time from the day it leaves our office to you. Please call us if you have any questions.


  Priority Xpresspost Regular Parcel
Local Next day Next Day Up to 2 days
Regional Next day Next Day 3 to 5 days
National Next day Up to 2 days 4  to 9 days

 Common Box Sizes We Use to Ship (Items fit into boxes are approximate sizes)

4"x4"x2" = Ring or A pair of Notebook bands or Single Glove holder or a Zak Key.

4"x4"x4" = A pair of cuffs or a single belt pouch.

6"x4"x4" = Notebook cover and Notebook page holders or 2 x duty pouches (depending on size) or 4 seatbelt cutters 

7"x5"x5" = Suspenders or 3-4 belt pouches or a flashlight (without plastic case or a pair of handcuffs and a handcuff case or 1-2 pairs of gloves and glove glove holders or a pair of handcuffs and a pair of gloves.

9"x6"x4" = Outer belt, inner belt, and keepers, Box of Nitrile gloves with a glove holder and 1-2 pouches or a single belt combo e.g. Corrections, Security or Choice combo or two pairs of gloves

20"x14"x4" = Single Duty Bag or a duty bag with bag top and a couple of pouches could be added

20"x14"x8" = Two to three duty bags or large order of pouches or handcuffs.

 My order process email has a delivery date is that accurate?: The delivery date is an approximate delivery date set by Canada Post based on your location and based same day shipping and pickup by Canada Post. Please allow a processing time of 7-10 business days. We normally ship within a day or so if the item is in stock. There are various factors that can change that delivery date. If the item is in stock, a processing and shipping time from us of 7-10 business days. This an extreme as we factor in holidays, shipping schedules and weekends in that processing time. Most times our orders ship within in 1-4 days depending on several factors.  If the item is out of stock the item will not ship the order until we have received it. This will delay that delivery date.

Once the item is shipped the package is in custody of Canada Post and outside of our control. The parcel will be delivered once Canada Post delivers it. We have no control and cannot call them to have it delivered faster. Weather, transportation issues, customs delays, Canada Post has exceptions to all their guarantees and other factors can change your delivery date by hours, days or weeks. 

Shipping Costs Seem High?: Our shipping is calculated using Canada Post Software when checking out. It calculates shipping based on volumetric weight not the weight of the item. There are several charges included in your cost. They are the actual cost to ship, a fuel surcharge, insurance, and taxes. Below is the breakdown of charges. These charges increase frequently and have gone up quite a bit in the last few years.  

Regular Parcel - 6 business days Total = $17.99

Rate Summary
Base Price             $12.03
Coverage (Insurance)   $2.55 ***
Fuel Surcharge         $5.84
Options                 $0.00
Tax                     $2.07
Total                   $22.49

*** Canada Post Automatically adds $100 insurance to all parcels under $100. This increases your price. Your order is automatically insured by Canada Post. Orders between $1.00 and $100.00 is insured for $100.00. An order of $101.00 up to $200 is automatically insured for $200. Insurance is important. If lost, you are covered. Without insurance you would not be. Once a parcel is handed over to Canada Posts it is now the responsibility of them. We have no control over it at that point. The insurance you pay covers the cost of your order in the event it's lost in transit. Please note Canada Post states lost packages are subject to investigation before refunds are issued.

The software calculates the volumetric weight of the packaging, shipping time (after the package is sent) and includes insurance on the total amount of the package. The insurance is automatically added on every order to protect the purchaser in the event the package is lost in transit. Once the package is picked up by Canada Post it is out of our control and becomes the responsibility of Canada Post.  

Shipping Costs / Product Packaging 

Some manufacturers package their product in excessively large boxes, packages, and plastic. We may remove any excessive packaging when shipping to keep the cost of shipping the package you to lower. This keeps your costs down as the package we ship it in will be smaller and cheaper to ship. If you need any original packaging, please call us after you order, and we can calculate any increase in shipping charges to make sure you receive the original packaging.  

There is an error with my order address details. What do I do?:  If you discover any errors in your address, please contact us IMMEDIATELY by phone at 1-866-218-5883 or send us an email if after hours. If your order requires to be re-shipped due to an entry error on your part additional shipping charges and any fee's or return shipping charges by Canada Post will be charged to you.

Return Shipping / Refund of shipping charges:  We do not refund shipping charges. Please ensure items returned to us have sufficient insurance. Customers are responsible for return shipping. Please ensure there is sufficient insurance for the value of the item being returned. Lost parcels and cost of items lost are the responsibility of the customer. If insurance was placed on the package by customer returning the items, the shipping company will reimburse you for the lost charges. If you are returning an item, you are responsible for shipping to us and the shipping of the replacement item back to you. Please consider a small item may cost more to ship back to us to replace than buy a new one and have it shipped to you. 

 Lost Parcels: Once Canada Post picks up the package from us it is out of our control. We do not receive notifications of parcels arrival to you as the customer. If it hasn't arrived within 10 days of shipping from us, please call us ASAP. We insure our parcels in the event they are lost by Canada Post for full replacement value. Please note Canada Post investigations may take up to 2 weeks before we have an answer. It is common for a parcel to show up just after an investigation starts. Please be aware of this and keep an eye on your mailbox. Let us know once the parcel arrives. The evening your parcel ships you will receive an email from Canada Post with shipping info. The email will include 

 Ship To: 
John Smith
12 Nowhere Crescent 
St Anywhere, Ontario A2B 3C4 

Service Type: Expedited Parcels 
Delivery Standard:  December 12, 2022
Tracking Number: 9102788445566778899 
Order Number: D13722200923 
Reference Number: 75132X2 
Shipment Status: Item Shipped on December 09, 20xx

The email will include a link to track the parcel on Canada Post's website. If you do not receive this email within 7 days of placing an order please check your Junk Folder, Spam Folder or email us for a copy.

Misdelivered / Missing parcels: Often Canada Post will show a parcel as being delivered before the delivery is made.  Parcels can be delivered up until 21:00 hrs. (9:00 PM) the day it shows as delivered. Delivered could also mean it was delivered to a Post office near you. If a parcel shows as delivered after 20:00 hrs. and you don't have it DON'T PANIC. We insure your parcels for full value so in the event it’s lost you are covered. Take the following steps:

  1) Call your local Post office. If it has been dropped off there by the Canada Post delivery person, then the post office will have it and advise you on how to pick it up. You will need to show ID to pick it up.

  2) If it's not there then please contact us the next business day. We will call Canada Post and start an investigation. Canada Posts investigation time can take up to 2 weeks but often it’s less than that. There are two things that can happen. First is it may show up the next day or it is in fact lost. If it’s declared lost, we will get a new package out to you within a few days.


Damaged Parcels:  If Canada Post arrives at your door and the parcel is damaged

1) Notify the driver.
2) Take pictures or even a video of the parcel unopened. If possible open the package in front of the driver and check the contents.
3) If anything is missing tell the driver and call us immediately.
4) Email us pictures or even video of the parcel, its damage and even the opening of it.
We will make a claim with Canada Post ASAP. Canada Post Investigations can take up to 3 weeks and once cleared by them we will send you a replacement item. We cannot send a replacement before its declared lost because parcels sometimes show before the lost decision is made by them.