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Tactical products for the armed forces in Canada – Uses and Benefits

If you have seen a Law Enforcement or Security officer on duty, you cannot ignore their uniform and the tactical gear they carry. The uniform, weapons, accessories, or materials are crucial for their daily operations and safety. These constitute uniforms, boots, gloves, belts and suspenders, tactical vests, backpacks, holsters, etc. You can buy these tactical products in Canada through many online stores, and 911 Gear is one of them.

Here we will talk about the importance of tactical gear for the military and the usage and benefits of each item.

While civilians wear shirts for fashion statements with pride, military officers wear these tactical uniforms and keep gears to hold ammo and magazines for protection and supporting hip-carried pistols.

The phrase Tactical Gear was coined as a marketing gimmick to sell equipment. Soon the demand for tactical gear increased, and with it, opportunities were grabbed by top brand providers. Combat gears continue to evolve to keep up with the advancements in the latest technology and combat.

The chief characteristics that determine Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear has peculiar features which regular clothing or products do not have. These products are designed for better tactical applications with features like quality, longevity, durability, concealment, arms accommodation, movement range and comfort.


These items are best for combat operations as each item has to undergo extreme stress and wear and tear. These are tough enough to handle impacts and also show versatility in different climate conditions, a reason why each item is made of durable materials ensuring quality and longevity.


As many of these items are used at night under the darkness, black and camouflage are best to conceal the strategic weapons of stuff, making it all the more important for the military gear to perfectly blend with the environment. It is a tactic used commonly by the armed forces to hide the equipment they are using from enemies.


In many cases, the gear worn has a space to carry a weapon, especially if we talk about tactical gear for police and military equipment. These products also need adequate space to hide weapons from view. For instance, some pants have gun holsters which are used both inside and outside the waistband.

Some boots have a sheath to carry a small knife. It boils down to the situation and purpose of the military operation. Proper gear helps to conceal a weapon and other objects of importance.

Ease the military moments

Proper tactical gear eases the military moments for instance tactical backpacks incorporate load-bearing straps to promote balance while moving quickly over uneven terrains. Tactical pants have gussets to ensure flexibility, while gloves do not restrict dexterity while allowing motor skills without getting slowed down.

Offers Comfort

These gears make the wearer feel comfortable while performing duty and prevent the officers from getting distracted due to itchy, hot, or ill-fitting dress. Additionally, the tactical gear should be of perfect size.

List of tactical gear in Canada used immensely by law enforcement, security and military officers:

Original SWAT Classic Boots

A well-designed pair of original SWAT boots allow the wearers to traverse through a wide range of terrain with minimum strain and risk of injury. These boots are also waterproof and breathable, which adds to the comfort. With these boots, military officers can easily and comfortably walk for long hours in adverse environmental conditions, rough roads, and risky situations.

Body Armour

Body armour helps protects the officers on duty from the threat of shootings. The ballistic resistance body armour is proven important and has saved many lives. The stab-proof model types give protection from knives and other sharp weapons. Vests are important equipment worn by many military and law enforcement officers, particularly those who defuse riots, drills, and other daily operations.

Duty Belts and Suspenders

Tactical duty belts and suspenders are designed to provide ample support and weight for the extra gear carried like weapons, pouches, cases, holsters, or anything else. No soldier or officer carries these items in their hands all the time. The duty belts hold these materials and suspenders provide support making the life of the officers easy. These belt suspenders are light, so you do not feel their weight.

Tactical Backpacks

Military officers use bags for keeping weapons and storing items. These are light in weight but have enough space to carry maximum stuff properly. All these backpacks also have an expansion capacity and storage areas for a water bladder and body armour plates. The bags are made of the highest-grade fabrics ensuring durability and ease.


Holsters hold and restrict the moment of a handgun making it one of the critical tactical gear pieces for law enforcement officers and military personnel in operations. These are designed for open or covert carry and worn inside or outside portion of the belt, shoulder or lower legs for automatic positioning and easy drawing. Black Hawk Sherpa CQC Holster Level 2 has a unique speed-cut design and allows for a smooth draw and easy re-holster without slowing the moment.


These are a particular type of gloves to keep the hands of officers safe and protected through tough combat situations. The gloves have cut-resistant palms and slash-resistant knit. Many are of nylon material with adjustable straps and velcro, which gives double protection. Turtleskin Bravo Gloves offer puncture protection to the officers seeking breathability and are best worn while performing risky operations.

Tactical Vests

Tactical vests are worn over clothing to get protection and are a perfect way to carry necessary items. It also has multiple pockets. These vests have many straps of different sizes and help store items like maps and cell phones. These weights of around 2.5 lbs help in reducing fatigue without compromising protection. Some vests are designed to keep side arms and to hold rifle magazines, including a pouch to store the shotgun shells.

The imperativeness of tactical gear in Canada can hardly get ignored, and crucial to the Canadian military and Law enforcement Officers. 911 is a Canadian Law Enforcement Supplies and Correctional Supplies store located near Toronto Ontario selling high in quality and leading brands of military tactical Gear in Canada.