Patches / Embroidered Items

All day we see signs. Signs tell us how to prepare our food, where to turn, how to use our appliances and even where to relieve ourselves. Signs can also be recognition of what or who you are. At our embroidered items represent what you do and who you are. We sell I.D bars telling people who you are, back patches telling people what you do and epaulettes giving people badge numbers or agencies we represent. We sell I.D bars embroidered with Bylaw Enforcement, Conservation, Enforcement, MLEO, paramedic, Peace Officer, Police, Security, Supervisor. they are sold in Reflective and Non Reflective models. The non reflective ones are black with white eembroidery and thereflective ones are reflective background with black embroidery. The I.D bars meet new Security regulations of letters being 1.5 cm. We also sell patches for uniforms. We sell large patches for POLICE, SECURITY, BYLAW ENFORCEMENT and EMS. We have added patches for the tops of duty bags to our line up. Need a particular patch we do not sell. Please contact us.

We sell a number of different types of epaulettes. They are embroidered with a Canadian flag at the top of teh epaulettes and below we have embroidered ones for Security, Security Guard, Security Manager, Coordinator, EMS, EMT, Star of Life or Cadeuces, Campus Security, K-9, Parking Enforcement, Protection Officer, Special Constable and Supervisor. We can do custom epaulettes but minimum orders do apply.

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