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PLEASE Measure Hands, Read Sizing Information and Measuring Chart Below

TurtleSkin Delta is the ultimate all leather police glove with the trusted cut and puncture protection.

TurtleSkin uses patented technologies to provide the best protection available from needle puncture and cut. Delta is the newest addition to the TurtleSkin line, it has the same great protection as our most popular models, Alpha, and Bravo, but it is designed to look like a traditional police leather gloves.  The all leather shell provides a snug fit for comfort and tactile sensitivity with a cut and puncture resistant liner for law enforcement searches and pat downs.

This glove is the perfect for officers in need of protection from needles and other sharps in a search glove with great dexterity which looks like a traditional police leather gloves. The hazards facing law enforcement during searches and pat downs has increased with the spread of IV drug use and TurtleSkin has introduced Delta as the answer to the cut and puncture protective needs for all officers and they are available at 911gear.ca

Features & Benefits:

  • TurtleSkin Delta offers excellent cut and hypodermic needle protection 
  • A perfect balance of protection and dexterity for maximized comfort 
  • Police officers prefer Delta’s combined cut and slash protection qualities 
  • Hook and loop cuff adds to the snug fit 


  • Hypodermic needle- and cut-resistant palm and fingertips 
  • Slash-resistant knit on back of hand 
  • Outstanding dexterity with short break-in time 
  • 100% Leather Shell for a snug fit

TurtleSkin Delta Gloves


Accurate Fitting Maximizes Your Comfort and Protection

TurtleSkin Glove sizes are based on hundreds of actual hand measurements and come in sizes that precisely match the needs of a diverse workforce.

The following size charts help you determine the correct glove size that ensures a combination of comfort and protection.

NOTE: Use the longest finger-length or hand-width measurement to find your accurate glove size in the below charts. If your longest measurement falls between sizes, order the larger glove size.

Width Measurement: Wrap a tailor's measuring tape around your dominant hand just below your knuckles (excluding your thumb), and make a fist. This measurement is your hand width/circumference glove size

Sizing Hand Width (U.S Sizes)       

6-7 inches XS
7-8 inches S
8-9 inches M
9-10 inches L
10-11 inches XL
11+ inches XXL

Length Measurement: Measure from bottom edge of palm to the tip of your middle finger to determine your finger-length size

Hand Length (U.S Sizes)

6 5/16 inches XS
6 3/4 inches S
7 3/16 inches M
7 9/16 inches L
8 1/16 inches XL
8 7/16+ inches XXL

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