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Turtleskin Bravo's provide puncture protection for officers looking for a comfortable, breathable police duty glove and are available at

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TurtleSkin DELTA Gloves - Free Glove Holder

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BEFORE Ordering Please Measure Hands, Read Sizing Information Page on Turtle Skin Size Chart HERE

Please note due to difference in sizes for all hand and finger lengths gloves may be a bit longer on some fingers than others. If you have any questions on glove sizing, please contact us before ordering

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TurtleSkin Delta Gloves Available at

The Turtleskin Delta glove series is the ultimate all leather police glove with the trusted cut and puncture protection.

TurtleSkin uses patented technologies to provide the best protection available from needle puncture and cut. Delta is the newest addition to the TurtleSkin line, it has the same great protection as our most popular models, Alpha, and Bravo, but it is designed to look like traditional police leather gloves.  The all-leather shell provides a snug fit for comfort and tactile sensitivity with a cut and puncture resistant liner for law enforcement searches and pat downs.

This glove is the perfect for officers in need of protection from needles and other sharps in a search glove with great dexterity which looks like a traditional police leather glove. The hazards facing law enforcement during searches and pat downs have increased with the spread of IV drug use and TurtleSkin has introduced Delta as the answer to the cut and puncture protective needs for all officers and they are available at

Features & Benefits:

  • TurtleSkin Delta offers excellent cut and hypodermic needle protection 
  • A perfect balance of protection and dexterity for maximized comfort 
  • Police officers prefer Delta’s combined cut and slash protection qualities 
  • Hook and loop cuff adds to the snug fit 


  • Hypodermic needle- and cut-resistant palm and fingertips 
  • Slash-resistant knit on back of hand 
  • Outstanding dexterity with short break-in time 
  • 100% Leather Shell for a snug fit
ANSI 105 2016 Cut Resistance Level A4
ANSI 105 2016 Abrasion Level L4
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 25 gauge >1.25 lbf
ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic needle Puncture 28 gauge 0.75 lbf
CE EN388 Abrasion Level In Testing
CE EN388 Cut Level In Testing
CE EN388 Tear Level In Testing
CE EN388 Puncture Level In Testing

PLEASE NOTE: There is no such thing as a NEEDLE PROOF glove. Gloves are a layer of added protection, not a SOLUTION. Gloves will protect you under certain Circumstances, not all circumstances. Proper search techniques should always be employed. Turtleskin gloves are tested to Turtleskin standards of cut resistance and against puncture resistance to a specific amount of pressure measured in lbs. per foot with a specific gauge of syringe common among people you may encounter. Any other than a syringe or sharp objects you may encounter at a higher amount of lbs. per square inch than the gloves are rated at for protection may result in the glove being penetrated.

If you have any questions, please call us 1-866-218-5883

TurtleSkin Delta Gloves



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