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A wide variety of Triform Evidence Notebooks available at

We carry notebooks for Police, Security, Ambulance, Fire, Emergency Services as well as Workplace Health and Safety Notebooks for Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

Triform Notebook Features

1. 200 writing pages, with every page numbered, 1 to 200, offering tighter control and exact page referencing. This better system replaces folio numbering of one side only, 1 to 100.
2. All pages have horizontal rulings with a vertical Day / Time / Key Word column at the left.
3. The pages will not fall out because of the Sewn Construction Binding.
4. The pages lie flat for easier writing because of the Sewn Construction Binding.
5. Your written notes stand out because of faint blue tint ink colour of ruled lines.
6. Contents of text pages are up-dated. Triform Notebooks never stand still, they grown to meet your needs and requirements.

Triform Notebooks Contain:

  1. Arrest procedures and cautions
  2. First Aid Notes
  3. Proper note taking procedures
  4. Criminal code legislation on arrests 
  5. Fire observations and first aid responders guide
  6. Hazard symbols and classes
  7. Phonetic alphabet
  8. Proper terminology for 'descriptions of persons'
  9. Ten codes / signals
  10. Use of force information
  11. Metric conversion table
  12. Case reference grids
  13. Important Contacts pages (8 Pages for Names, Address & Telephone Numbers)

Available in:


L-PSNAT07 Private Security

Police Evidence:

LD24AC All Canada

LD/ON24 Ontario English

LD/BC24 British Columbia English

LD/PC24 Prairie English

LDF24 Quebec French

LD/AC24 Atlantic English


Ambulance Emergency Services. Fire

LAEF24 Ambulance, Emergency, Fire, All Canada & USA

Workplace Health and Safety

LWP24/ON WORKPLACE Health & Safety, Supervisor's Notebook Ontario Occupational H&S English

LWP27/ON WORKPLACE Health & Safety, Member’s Notebook Ontario Occupational H&S English

LWII-06ON Workplace Accident Investigation Ontario,

LWII-07AB Workplace Accident Investigation Alberta,

LWII-07BC Workplace Accident Investigation British Columbia


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