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S&W - M&P Lever Lock Handcuffs - Melonite

S&W - M&P Lever Lock Handcuffs - Melonite

ZT14 XL - 5

ZT14 XL - 5" Handcuff Key – Black - NEW

S&W Lever Lock Handcuffs Nickel


Purchase of Handcuffs in any Province requires a valid Canadian Law Enforcement ID, Sworn Peace Office ID, Provincial Solicitor General Security License. We reserve the right to cancel orders if ID given is in question.

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Smith & Wesson Military & Police handcuffs have a revolutionary finger activated double locking mechanism. There is no need to use a handcuff key to double lock the M&P lever lock handcuff. Double locking handcuffs prevent them from being tightened or loosened without a key. To double lock these handcuffs use your finger to pull up on the double lock lever until you feel a click. Once you feel the click, these handcuffs cannot be tightened or loosened without deactivating the double lock with a handcuff key.

Smith & Wesson lever lock handcuffs are available in two finishes: Satin Nickel and Black Carbon Nitride (Melonite). The Nickel finish handcuffs are silver in color and have a dulled or cloudy surface to ensure they are non-reflective. Shiny handcuffs can cause blinding glare or give up your position in tactical situations where cover is required. Nickel plating also acts as a protective layer against corrosion. The black carbon nitride handcuffs are also non-reflective.

The black finish is deep into the metal, so the will not appear scratched and scuffed after heavy use. Black M&P handcuffs are also extremely rust resistant. Smith & Wesson Military & Police handcuffs are sold with 2 keys, a warranty card and instructions. Smith & Wesson provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. 

S&W Lever Lock Handcuffs Nickel

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